Logo for waste reduction organization Verable
Logo for open computer graphics interchange framework Alembic
Logo for fair trade remix music ecosystem remix-culture
Logotype and logomark for fruit & vegetable carving company The Invisible Underground
Logomark for professional writer/editor
Logomark for electronic music act How Town
Logo for NYC bluegrass band The Five Deadly Venoms
Logo for band Flank

I create logos for organizations, brands, and professional individuals. Your logo is like a face - it is what others identify you by, and it is a key component used for expressing your brand in the world. Just as we put considerable care and time into our own physical appearance, a thorough, thoughtful process is required for a great logo design.
I follow a four-part process to create custom logos that are unique, immediately identifiable, and leave a powerful first impression:
1. Research: I study the space your brand operates in and collect logos of similar and competing brands. This leads to insights about how to both fit in and and stand out within your field, clichés to avoid, and ideas to explore.
2. Concept Sketches: Often drawn by hand, about five initial concepts are generated. Each one is a different idea that could be evolved into a final design.
3. Iteration & Refinement: Variations of the chosen concept are created as we hone in on the best solution.
4. Final Design: Master files are created and delivered in a variety of file formats.
CASE STUDY: 10x Management Logo
Previous Logo
As part of an overall branding update, I handled the redesign of the 10x Management logo. The goal was to come up with something dynamic, simpler and more iconic. In the previous logo, the text was overshadowed by the growing X’s in the background.
1. Research: Logos of other brands in this space
10x is the first talent agency to represent the world’s most sought-after technology professionals. Research yielded a collection of logos from other talent and employment agencies. This revealed certain patterns, such as the use of initials, and the prevalence of the color blue.
2. Concept Sketches
Several design directions were created, all focusing on the “10x” portion of the name. The designs explored symbolism tied to the brand’s identity: optimization, growth, ten-in-one, empowering, life preserver.
3. Iteration & Refinement
The concept in perspective was chosen as it suggests growth and depth. Iterations varied the font, case of the “x,” use of negative space, and perspectival point-of-view. A total of ten x’s were included as a reference to the original logo, and to reinforce the ten-in-one quality of 10x’s talent.
4. Final Design
The chosen concept was rendered in 3D, and then carefully refined to read legibly at small sizes.
I later animated the logo for the 10x website header, taking advantage of its three-dimensional design.


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