I worked with Dr. Tracy Dennis, professor of psychology at Hunter College, to create an anxiety-reduction app based on cognitive bias modification therapy. The objective: design an app involving a repetitive task which helps train the player to pay more attention to the calm rather than the threatening. I conceptualized the app to use sprite characters in a field of grass. Players swipe the trail left from the burrowing peaceful sprite and ignore the threatening one. 
After each swipe, the player is rewarded with a gem based on their speed and accuracy. This also serves to refocus the player’s eye to the center of the screen, aligning the visual design with the therapeutic design.
After each stage, the player is presented with a playful mandala based on score. The better the score, the more elaborate the design.
A variety of achievements can be unlocked, encouraging daily practice.
Menu UI and app icon design.
I composed the ambient score and sound effects to harmonize with each other, generating a calming soundscape.
“Instantly engaging for adults and kids, Personal Zen is a rare example of science turned into fun in order to reduce stress and anxiety”
   —Dr. Tony Simon, Professor of Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences, University of California Davis


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