I was the illustrator, sound designer, and level designer for the iPhone game Blowfly, developed by Language In Common in San Francisco. I was responsible for creating all graphic and sonic assets. In the game, the player flies a paper airplane through a world in which everything is made out of paper.
To create the landmasses, I recombined imagery from centuries-old maps of the earth and stars. Below are concept images of various levels: water, fire, ice, sky.
The complete map of the sky level becomes increasingly tempestuous as the player approaches the boss battle at the end.
Inspired by origami and traditional paper airplanes, a variety of enemy and friendly flyers are encountered throughout the game.
Aspects of the soundtrack are generated by the player's actions and the elements onscreen. For example, a melody is generated by the movement of the plane, rhythmic loops correspond to different enemies and buddies, and the key of the music changes depending on the plane's level of damage. All sound effects are integrated into the score generated by the gameplay.


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